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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alan Goraguer - "Go-go-Goraguer CD Album

Alain Goraguer – Go-go-Goraguer
CD album, 2001 (recored 1956 in Paris)
Universal Music (France)

Alain Goraguer is one of the amazing music figures in contemporary French music. In the late '50s he was Serge Gainsbourg's arranger, and made some incredible recordings with him, and a tad earlier he made this album Go-go-Goraguer. Hearing this I imagine Alain Delon playing a gangster walking into a crowded bistro in a Jean-Pierre Melville film. The music reflects on the beauty of its time and its played somewhere between between dusk and dawn. Jazz is always cinamatic to me, and especially French jazz. I can practically smell Pigalle off these melodies.

Goraguer plays the piano in a manner that is bopish but with a sense of lightness. Beautifully and tastefully backed by Double Bass Paul Rovére and drums by Christian Garros. Also do note that Goraguer in the early '70s made a remarkable electronic soundtrack to the film La Planéte Sauvage as well as composing the imfamous Boris Vian related J'iri cracher sur vos tombes.