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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Alex Chilton - "Live In London" CD Album

Alex Chilton – Live in London
CD, Album 1980
Line Records

Certain musicians compress all their taste and knowledge in their music. Alex Chilton was not only an incredible songwriter but also a curator of sorts with respect to musical history. A man who loved the most obscure rockabilly song to American songwriting standards. He had that whole world in his hands, and the beauty of his work is how he put his stamp on the music. It is sort of like he is the driver, and you are the passenger, and off you go!

I suspect one thing that Clinton never had a concern about is a typical 'music career.' It seems he had a strong 'fuck you' attitude to the business side of that world. But what is impressive about the man is that when I saw him in various clubs around the world, he was like a human jukebox. Mind you he was not going to take any requests (at least when I saw him) but if he wanted to – he could do anything musically. And the fact he's dead now, he left an enormous empty hole in contemporary music. But alas, there are the recordings....

"Live in London" with a pick-up band which I believe are members of the Soft Boys. He rocks in an intense way that is partly existential, spiritual, and just nasty rock. But never forgetting the beautiful melodies that come out of the evening's chaos. Live in London is that and more. Recorded right after he put out his masterpiece Likes Flies on Sherbet this is an album that goes right into his past from the Box Top's “The Letter” to Big Star songs. One of my favorite live albums, in fact, one of my favorite albums period.