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Friday, June 21, 2013

Adam And The Ants - "Prince Charming" b/w "Christian D'Or" Vinyl 45 RPM 7" Single

Adam And The Ants – Prince Charming b/w Christian D'Or
Vinyl 45 rpm 7”

If I had one theme song when I enter a room I want it to be “Prince Charming.” In 3 minutes and 16 seconds, Adam conveys a very important issue of knowing when one's a dandy and to live up to that promise. And of course I love the Prince Charming dance. I love the whole spectacle of “Prince Charming” and its a perfect single, because it say a lot more than a song in that it conveys a world where one has to make a perfect presentation of that world. And Adam is nothing else but an aesthetic man re-building the world to his liking. And the single allows nothing to get in the way of such a world. The b-side “Christian D'Or” is another side of the obsession of perfection. “Christian D'Or” is a name of high-standard life, yet Adam seems to be a prisoner of his own aesthetic or dandy ways. So the single is a one-two punch on the same theme. The lighter side of it all is on the first side, and the b-side is darkness of that world.