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Friday, June 28, 2013

André Hodeir - "Jazz et Jazz" Vinyl Mono Album

André Hodeir – Jazz et Jazz
Vinyl album, Mono 1960

The opening track “Jazz et Jazz” is a piece of music that is ahead of its time. Its a combination of jazz (of course), Musique Concrete, and tape manipulations. The swilling of the horns and then the beat comes in with the bop piano is one kick in the air. On the surface its gimmicky, but it is a beautifully arranged tune. Why this record didn't make a bigger noise out there is a total mystery to me. There is small combo jazz and then there's this. Jazz orchestration used by Hodeir almost as a singular vision. There are aspects of the music and arrangement that is over-studied, but that is also part of the charm with respect to Hodeir's work.