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Saturday, June 29, 2013

André Hodeir - "L'écume Des Jours, Bande Originale du Film" Vinyl 7" EP

André Hodeir – L'écume Des Jours – Bande Originale Du Film
Vinyl 7” EP, 1968

It took me forever to find this 7” EP. Found it once at Baby Doll in Tokyo but it was too expensive for me. Eventually found it on Ebay for around $50 – and worth every cent! André Hodeir's mixture of choir, electronics and jazz is a remarkable record. The soundtrack to a very obscure film that's based on Boris Vian's novel of the late '40s called L'écume des jours (Foam of the Daze), and although that film does have its moments, its the soundtrack that is the main interest here.

Also the EP cover is fantastic. I think it pretty much describes the novel visually, and I often find this image on postcards. But the beauty of this haunted music is superb. It's sad, a mood piece that fits the mood of the novel more than the film itself.  Also I collect anything that deals with Boris Vian, and this EP is probably my most precious part of my collection.