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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ABC - "That Was Then But This Is Now" Vinyl 7" Single

ABC – That Was Then But This Is Now
Vinyl 7” Single, 45 rpm, 1983

For me, my favorite ABC song. After the hype, the over-the-top arrangements of their first album The Lexicon of Love and all the visuals that came with it, this record was a refreshing but still biting and angry sound from Martin and company. In their own fashion it was their Anarchy in the U.K. What's interesting is that they obviously felt the need to throw off the image of the first album, into something more edgy and guitar orientated. And again, I feel they were following or looking up to Roxy Music and how they transformed their sound/image (very slightly) at this time period. ABC never returned to the sound of That Was Then..., but it was a glorious noise from what I feel is an extremely underrated band.