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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fripp & Eno - "(No Pussyfooting)" Vinyl, LP, Album, 1973 (Editions EG)

The Roxy Music empire just kept on giving in 1973.  Two brilliant Roxy albums, a fascinating Bryan Ferry solo, and then a Phil Manzanera solo, and then the Eno explosion.  Being a consumer that year was very expensive and incredibly fun.  I remember the feeling that everything was possible, and music will go to explore new avenues and landscapes.  But of course, with make-up!

Robert Fripp, the guitarist, and the brains behind King Crimson, and Eno (before Brian) made the ultimate bedroom music album.  A tape recorder (or two) and guitar with effects.  The music drew the listener into an abstract world of aural pleasure.  No vocals, but a sound that had no beginning or no end.  "The Heavenly Music Corporation" was not a shocking piece of music, because I suspected that Eno will eventually come to this point with his music.  What is fascinating is that the music is not made by spiritualists (well, not Eno) but with the physical world of pleasure and desire.  Eno's later recordings deal with the ambient landscape, but this is more of music that transform your world and to be engaged with it as well. 

At the same time, it's the ultimate guitar album.  Just as important as Jimi Hendrix or surf music.  Also of great interest to me is the album cover and packaging.  The mirrored room is not one of meditation but to follow your glaze to one's inner world.  Which I suspect by the playing cards on the table is a lot of fun.