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Monday, May 29, 2017

The Shadows - "Meeting With The Shadows" Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue 2015/1962 (Doxy)

Such a fantastic album cover.  Originally this specific album came out in Italy.  Sort of a greatest hits collection at the time, it shows the strength of The Shadows.  The hits are here, "Apache," "Guitar Tango," and more.  I'm intrigued by their sound.  It seems simple, but there is something quite complex about how their music is put together.  All four are fantastic, but the stand out (for me) is Jet Harris' bass playing, and Hank Marvin's guitar work.  

Total showbiz act, but a very mysterious one to me.  Among their incredible dance choreography, while playing their guitars and the smiles plastered on their faces, there is something manic or demon like in their presentation.  I know very little of their personal lives, except I heard Jet went through tough times - still, it's a band that reshaped their world, and sort of spit it out to the public.  A beautiful album, that's in mono.  I think that format is the best way to listen to The Shadows.  And yes, another amazing release from Doxy, that mysterious label from Europe.