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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nico -"The Last Mile/I'm Not Sayin'" 7" 45 rpm single, vinyl, 1965 (Immediate)

Nico before The Velvet Underground is very much Nico.   The voice.  There is only one woman with a voice like that, and she with her "it" looks is pretty wonderful.   The A-Side is a song by Gordon Lightfoot, with production by the great Andrew Loog Oldham, with arrangement by David Whittaker.  Nico, on this record, and at that time, must have been a darker version of Marianne Faithful.   Or maybe that was in the thoughts of Oldham?  The b-side is much more of an interesting piece of recording.  Jimmy Page produced and co-wrote (with Oldham) "The Last Mile."  Just Page which sounds like a 12-string acoustic guitar and Nico's voice.   This would not be out of place in a future Nico album.  The beauty of Nico is whoever writes the songs, they lose that identity to Nico because her presence and voice are so prominent.    This is not the greatest Nico single/songs but for the completist a must-have.  Now, if I can get the Gainsbourg "Striptease" single by Nico - that will be something.