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Monday, May 8, 2017

Ennio Morricone - "Slalom" CD Album, Reissued, Remastered, 2000 (Dagored)

One of Ennio Morricone's over-the-top or borderline insane soundtracks from the 1970s.  The music sounds like it for a film that is Bond-like but even more cartoonish.  Beautifully conducted by Morricone's fellow composer Bruno Nicolai, as the great one arranged the orchestra.  It seems to me whenever Nicolai and Morricone get together for a session, it is usually a fun and wild music journey.  Here we have jazz touches that border on Rota/Mancini but with the craziest scat vocals. Dissonant strings with horns and what sounds like a bongo drum playing with the melody as if it was a cat chasing a mouse.  

It can be my imagination, but it seems on this one particular soundtrack Morricone plays homage to John Barry, Henry Mancini, and Nino Rota.   The music is light, but under Morricone's direction, it's textured in various and surprisingly turns.   Not a well-known Morricone, which is a crime. For sure it is the ultimate bachelor groove music, but I think with an additional touch of poison.  And on a side note, one can pretty much trust the taste of the people who do the Dagored record/CD label. Their packaging and of course, music, is fantastic.