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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Beatles - "Hard Day's Night" Vinyl, LP, Album, Remastered, Mono, 2014 Orig 1964 (Parlophone)

As a kid, I had all the American Beatles releases as it happened.   Seeing the film "Hard Day's Night" was like going to another planet for me.   My dad and mom took me to the Village Bruin to see the movie, which I think was the first weekend of its release.  The theater was full of screaming children and teenagers.  I couldn't hear a word of dialogue throughout the screening.  Instead of upsetting me, it was a new way for me to see a movie -with the audience being a bigger part, even bigger than the actual film.  Even when I watch the film now, I still expect to hear screams coming somewhere, maybe under the living room couch.   The American version of "Hard Day's Night" never seemed like a proper Beatles album.  Due to that side one, was all the Beatle recordings, and side two was the George Martin stuff - which I never listened to as a kid.  

Around 2015 I had the urge to buy the mono reissue of "Hard Day's Night, which the British edition is issued throughout the world.  Two sides of Beatle recordings!  Now it sounds like a proper Beatles album.   The real main reason why I wanted to buy the album was to hear the mono mix (just like what I heard in my childhood) but also for the song "Things We Said Today."  For me, this is the secret or underrated song to go under the radar of pop Beatle culture.  It's mysterious and very sexual, and it has that singer communicating with the listener effect - where I feel it's a secret message that John and Paul are telling me.  What is that secret?  That, I don't know.  It's the mood of the piece. It has layers of depth that I would need a diving suit to truly understand the song.   The album is great, but "Things We Said Today" is the real deal.