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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Henk Badings - "Evolutions" Vinyl 10" album (Cacophonic) 1958

Dutch composer Henk Badings score to the ballet "Evolutions" by Yvonne Georgi.  The sound reminds in parts of Portishead and early Kraftwerk.  Th music is moody in a cinematic nature.  A combination of tape and electroacoustic music.   There are traces of musique concrete but also melodies being played as well.   Before buying this recording, I never heard of Badings' music nor his name.    It's great to be turned on to a new composer and finding it by chance  - mostly due to the record cover design.  It's good.
One hears real instruments throughout the six pieces that make "Evolutions."  I can hear accordion, piano, but manipulated by tape editing.  Recorded in 1958, Badings used electronic music not as an experimental practice, but as new ballet music of its time.  As mentioned some melodies play hide and seek with the electronic effects.  A great short ep length album.