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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anton Karas "Anton Karas Plays The 3rd Man Theme" LP, Vinyl, Album (London Records)

"The Third Man" is one of my favorite films.  Friendship is a good subject matter for a film.  Especially a bad friendship.   I have always loved the soundtrack by Anton Karas, with just him playing the Zither.  Ah, the very name of the instrument makes me remember the days of Vienna, right after the war.  Except I never been to Vienna.  I only know Vienna through "The Third Man," through the eyes of Harry Lime.

I never realized that there was "The 3rd Man" TV show.   An American or British show?  Since this album seemed to come from the United Kingdom, I gather it's a British production. Nevertheless, it's Michael Rennie as Lime, and by this album cover, I already love the series.  I'm also not sure when this album was released.    By my estimate, sometime in the late 1950s.  

I have seen numerous edition of "The Third Man" soundtrack over the years, but it was Michael Rennie that made me put down $5.95 plus California sales tax.   Side one is the beloved and classic Karas soundtrack, but side two are Fritz & Jacky, who do Zither duet.  The titles are in German.  So, I'm not even sure it this music was used in the TV series or not. The music is not as good as Karas, but the playing is quite lively.   Oh, and I should state that the Karas soundtrack is the same as the Orson Welles/Caroll Reed film.  

A1Third Man Theme
A2Visions Of Vienna
A3Danube Dream
A4Cafe Mozart Waltz
A5Second Theme
A6Wien, Weib, Wein
B1Die Annemarie Aus Rotterdam, Einmal Kommt Die Grosse Liebe, Erzahl' Mir Ein Marchen, Marina
B2Ein Kleines Schiff Am Grossen Meer, Der Cowboy Hat Immer Ein Madel, Der Negerkonig "Bum"
B3Halt, Bitte Bleiben Sie Doch Stehn, Liebe 1st Ja Nur Ein Marchen, Pack Die Badehose Ein
B4Quicksliver, Du Ahnst Es Nicht, Was Du Fur Mich Bedeutest