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Saturday, May 6, 2017

David Bowie - "Thursday's Child" CD, Single, 1999 (Virgin)

This CD single or EP, since it has four songs on it, is Bowie at his most profound and moving.  "Thursday's Child" is a song of aging, and looking back, but at the present as well.  It's one of the handful of Bowie songs that moves me to tears if I'm under the proper cocktail of red wine and depression.   There are two versions of the song on this CD, and it's worth the purchase even if you have the full album.   The 'rock' version of "Thursday's Child" has a stronger guitar presence, but still the ballad that sways than makes one shake your head up and down.  

"We Shall Go To Town" is the end of the evening, and there is nothing more.   A couple hitting the town not for fun, but as in destiny brings you to a certain point or crossroad.  A beautiful mournful melody with vocals that express both honesty (with respect to the situation) and dread.  "1917" is technically an instrumental, although I hear a faint vocal buried in the mix and electronics.  It wouldn't be out of place on an album like "Low."    The underrated Reeves Gabrels co-wrote, co-produced the album "Hours"  and this EP.