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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Honeycombs "I Can't Stop" b/w "I'll Cry Tomorrow 45 rpm vinyl single, 1964 (Interphon Records)

The Honeycombs, if truth to be known, is my favorite band.  Over the years I collect their recordings, which is not a lot.  They only did three albums, and that includes a live album made and recorded in Tokyo.  The brilliance of The Honeycombs is the combination of great songs with brilliant production by Joe Meek.  "I Can't Stop" should have been a mega-hit around the world, but alas, it never reached the heights "Have I The Right."   Nevertheless, it's a masterful song with a driving beat and chorus.  The b-side for me is the super treat.  A song by Meek, "I'll Cry Tomorrow" is superb drama and I get goosebumps hearing Honey's (the female drummer) backup vocals during the chorus.