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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Soft Cell -"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" 7" 45 rpm single (Some Bizarre)

"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" is a song that I sing in my daily morning baths.  I like to sing sad songs in the tub, and this Soft Cell classic stays with me.   A haunting melody with a classic torch vocal by Marc Almond.  I have never been to the Pink Flamingo, but the drawing on the sleeve hints Paris, but I suspect that there must have been a nightclub in Soho London.   Of all the electro-duos in the U.K., Soft Cell strikes me that Soho is their natural landscape.   It's a kiss-off regarding some sort of relationship where it has been kept a secret from the world.  I like to think it's a gay affair, that went past its due date.  

The b-side is the song, but instrumental with a beautiful clarinet solo by Dave Tofoni.   I may even love it more than the A-side.