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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cher - "All I Really Want To Do" Vinyl, LP, Stereo, 1965 (Imperial)

1965 was the year for Sonny and Cher, and especially Cher since she had a solo career as well as working with her husband Sonny.  To be honest, I never really cared much for Sonny and Cher's music.   Nor do I exactly love Cher's voice.  What I do love about this album is that it captures the best in 1965 pop music.  You even have a Ray Davies song "I Go To Sleep."   Sandie Shaw is well represented on the album with "Girl Don't Come."  

Sonny produced and arranged this album, and the training with Phil Spector does show, as well as using a lot of the same musicians as Julius Wechter and Barney Kessel.  "The Bells of Rhymney" is pretty great  It's has a manic harpsichord.  The annoying thing is that Cher's voice is totally in front of the mix.  It almost sounds like a karaoke tape. She has a voice but doesn't really do much with it.  It's flat in that it conveys nothing special.  Just for the sake of the vocals,  I suspect that the mono edition will be much better.   

The only interest of this album is again 1965.  All the songs here were presented or recorded in those early 60s - but by much better artists than Cher.   So, the taste is there, and the song selection is excellent, but ... No.